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Jury finds woman with 83 pounds of marijuana in her van NOT GUILTY!!

Attorney Marc J. Victor gets another big win yesterday for a woman who was stopped, searched and found to be in possession of 83 pounds of marijuana.  The jury returned a Not Guilty verdict in her case after Mr. Victor and co-counsel Charity Clark argued that she had no knowledge of the marijuana that was hidden in a special compartment under her van, and that she was simply a blind mule in this case.

Mr. Victor went on in his closing arguments to explain to the jury that it was the state’s job to prove his client guilty, and not his job to prove her innocence.  He went into great detail about where the burden of proof lies and who has that burden.  He explained that The Founding Fathers of our Country put these legal guidelines into place for a reason, and as with ‘Blackstone’s formulation’ that it is  “better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” and if the state could not prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that his client was guilty, that they have no other option but to acquit his client.

Verdict: NOT GUILTY!!


6 thoughts on “NOT GUILTY!

  1. I would prefer that this was a story of jury nullification of the immoral drug laws, but I’ll take it!

  2. You are a true hero of the people. The world needs more like you to stand up and fight the system from inside. Arresting people for victimless non-crimes has to stop.

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