Marc Victor to have his own radio show

Marc Victor will be hosting his own radio show soon on the DoubleWide Network as part of the Dave Pratt Live Radio Show. As well as hosting his own show he will be a regular guest on the Dave Pratt Live Show as well.

The Success Council Interviews Marc Victor

Libertarian Candidate for US Senate, Marc J. Victor, Is Spreading the Message of Freedom In Arizona and Beyond

Success Council, a group teaching people how to make money during an economic crisis, recently interviewed US Senate Candidate, Marc J. Victor. Victor offers a no-nonsense message of freedom, peace, and “No butt kissing.”

Attorney Marc Victor Puts Phoenix Police on Trial

Policing the Police:

Baseline Killer Lawsuit

Baseline Killer lawsuit: Suit on behalf of victims’ families claims Mark Goudeau’s DNA sat untested

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Chester’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas

We have 10 pairs of tickets for the Chester’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas on December 7th to give away. We will be drawing one pair a day Starting on Monday November 19th. For more information and to sign up for the free drawing go to:

Marc Victor on The Adam vs The Man Show

ADAM VS THE MAN with your host Adam Kokesh, a Libertarian propagandist prone to committing random acts of journalism. Adam breaks down the news and takes your tweets @adamkokesh. Tune in weekdays 11-1 PM EST.