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Baseline Killer Lawsuit

Baseline Killer lawsuit: Suit on behalf of victims’ families claims Mark Goudeau’s DNA sat untested

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Victim’s husband files civil suit against suspected Baseline Killer

Baseline Killer Mark Goudeau

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PHOENIX – Alvin Hogue says he vividly remembers the day he found out his wife had been murdered.
“I was driving a cement mixing truck and I heard something on the radio about a crime situation then a few minutes later I got a message in my truck computer to call home,” said Hogue.
That was five years ago.

“I lost my wife on February 20, 2006, she was murdered on 91st Avenue and Lower Buckeye while working in her lunch catering truck,” said Hogue while sitting in his attorney’s Chandler office.
His wife, Romelia Vargas and another woman were killed in the early morning hours.
Phoenix police detectives linked the double murder to the series of crimes tied to the ‘Baseline Killer’.
Mark Goudeau has been charged in the so-called ‘Baseline Killer’ crimes and faces more than 70 charges.
The trial against Goudeau is expected to begin April 6 and last one year.

“I’m very interested in Mark Goudeau, I’m just blown away that this person could very well be responsible for killing my wife,” said Hogue.  “I want Mark Goudeau to get a fair trial and I’m going to go to court as much as I can.”

But Hogue and his attorney Marc Victor will be watching the trial closely because they’re also suing Goudeau.

“Obviously we’re very interested in what happens in court, at trial,” said Victor.
As previously reported, Victor and Hogue have filed a civil suit against the City of Phoenix claiming the city could have done more to prevent the crimes tied to the ‘Baseline Killer’.  That suit involves the city’s crime lab and how DNA was used during the investigation.

The civil suit against Goudeau, according to Victor, will likely be lumped together with a suit against the city.
“We have other victims of these crimes involved with us as well,” said Victor.
Hogue admits he’s not sure what to expect out of the suit against Goudeau especially because his trial hasn’t even started.

“I don’t know that he has any resources where I could go after him financially,” said Hogue.
Even if Goudeau is acquitted, Victor says it’s likely he’ll continue to pursue the civil case against Goudeau.
“If that happens, then it’s similar to the OJ Simpson case, he was acquitted of murder but found liable in a civil case,” said Victor.

At the time Romelia Vargas was murdered, she and Hogue had been married a little more than 3 years with 4-month old twin boys.

Lawsuit against city alleges ‘Baseline Killer’ could have been stopped

Baseline Killer

Lawsuit against city alleges 'Baseline Killer' could have been stopped index.cfm/g/chandler-personal-injury-dui-lawyer-news/f/family-of-woman-killed-by-baseline-killer-sue s-police-tv3.htm

Family Of Woman Killed By Baseline Killer Sues Police

Baseline Killer

Family of woman in Baseline Killer case sue


Family Of Woman Killed By Baseline Killer Sues Police: x.cfm/g/chandler-personal-injury-dui-lawyer-news/f/family-of-woman-killed-by-baseline-killer-sues-po lice.htm