CCW Class at Chester’s Harley Davidson Tomorrow



Tomorrow, April 25th

Free CCW Legal Seminar by Marc J. Victor

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Marc J. Victor Pavilion

located at Chester’s Harley Davidson

922 South Country Club Drive

Mesa, Arizona

Crossroads of the West Gun Show

Saturday April 21st at 1:00 pm Marc Victor and Steve Kates of KFNX radio discussed the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin case on A Call to Rights live from the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Phoenix.  Later that day at 2:00 Marc Victor gave a talk on gun rights.

George Zimmerman Case

george zimmerman

In a case where it appears we currently know little about what actually happened, there are some things we know with certainty. This case is tragic, and it is likely that such tragic results could have easily been avoided. I am often asked to speak to people regarding their legal rights to self defense. I give such a talk at almost every Crossroads Gun Show. I am quick to point out that because the law allows a person to do something does not mean doing it is smart. Indeed, this case highlights my point. Mr. Zimmerman certainly had every legal right to disregard the advice of the 911 operator and follow Mr. Martin through the neighborhood. Mr. Zimmerman even had a legal right to confront Mr. Martin and ask him whatever questions he desired. I bet Mr. Zimmerman now wishes he did not exercise those rights. We don’t know exactly what Mr. Martin did. However, I suspect he could have diffused the situation had he acted differently. I can easily imagine facts that support Mr. Zimmerman’s claim of self defense.

I can also easily imagine facts that warrant a 2nd Degree Murder conviction. This case shouldn’t turn on what facts I or anyone else can imagine. This case should turn on what facts are available to be presented in court. I am hopeful the assigned prosecutor carefully considered the evidence rather than simply reacting to the furious demands of the lynch mob of people who only saw the skin colors of the people involved in this tragic incident. Civilized people don’t care about the skin color of other people. This case isn’t about skin color. Shame on the people who are making this case about skin color. I am bothered by the arrest of Mr. Zimmerman.

I wonder if Americans are really committed to the concept of being Presumed Innocent. I am wondering why a guy with no prior felony record who was no flight risk was arrested and detained. I don’t believe anyone thinks Mr. Zimmerman would have failed to appear in court pursuant to a summons to appear. I wonder what level of outrage will arise if Mr. Zimmerman is detained with a ridiculously high bond or no bond at all. I wonder if Mr. Zimmerman will receive a fair trial at all. Instead of following the side of people whose skin color most closely resembles yours, let’s agree to follow the evidence and go wherever it leads.