The Success Council Interviews Marc Victor

Libertarian Candidate for US Senate, Marc J. Victor, Is Spreading the Message of Freedom In Arizona and Beyond

Success Council, a group teaching people how to make money during an economic crisis, recently interviewed US Senate Candidate, Marc J. Victor. Victor offers a no-nonsense message of freedom, peace, and “No butt kissing.”

Good News For Flake Campaign, Victor Denied Debate Invitation








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Marc J. Victor for Senate Committee



Good News For Flake Campaign, Victor Denied Debate Invitation

Chandler, Arizona, [Oct. 15, 2012]– In a surprising twist of good news for embattled Republican candidate Jeff Flake, Marc J. Victor, Libertarian Senate candidate, was denied an invitation to this evenings second Senate debate to be held in Tucson at 6:00 pm on KVOA.

During Wednesday’s Horizon debate, Mr. Victor, running right of the so called libertarian record of representative Flake, criticized Mr. Flake on his vote for the Patriot Act, and on his hallmark “accomplishment” the elimination of earmarks.

In a statement released today, Mr. Victor said, “As I remarked in the debate, the elimination of earmarks as a fiscal savings tactic amounts to only 0.5% of the budget, a miniscule drop in an ocean of federal spending. What my opponents don’t want you to hear is that our government has a huge spending problem. The federal government needs a 12 step program to recover from its collective addiction to spending but my opponents are codependents, you can’t ask them to solve the problem. My proposal is bold, there is no tinkering around the edges. My proposal is to bring our government back under control by cutting departments like the department of energy, department of education and the IRS. Not one of these actually brings value to American citizens, but they all add enormous regulation, bureaucracy and costs which equals taxes for American families.” Mr. Victor continued, “Apparently what I have to say, the plain and hard faced truth, is too detrimental to be allowed the same open forum as the other candidates. The government can’t or won’t get its spending under control and they would rather find a way to make you and me foot their bills. Earmarks are just a token snip offered by Mr. Flake when what we need is a major pruning.”


About Marc Victor: Marc J. Victor, aka “Attorney for Freedom” is a practicing criminal defense attorney with an office in Chandler, Arizona, since 1994.  Regarded as an expert, Mr. Victor also writes articles and lectures on the criminal justice system to judges, prosecutors and police officers. Mr. Victor is a veteran and has been a lifelong advocate for freedom and civil liberties, is pro 2nd amendment, would end the war on drugs, and as senator, would reduce government to its constitutionally defined role of protecting the rights of the individual and nothing further.


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