Marc Victor talks to a group of Marine recruits

Attorney and former Marine Marc J. Victor spoke to a group of Marine recruits about what to expect and what will be expected of them if they are to be able to earn the title: “United States Marine.”


Marc is a former Marine that served in the first Gulf War. He also gave a similar speech to another group of Marines a few years ago, that video is here: Marc Victor Marine Corps Speech


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Attorney Marc Victor- What to do when pulled over by the police

Attorney Marc Victor at Chester’s Harley Davidson in Mesa Arizona

Attorney Marc J. Victor talks to a small group of people about what to do when you get pulled over by the police at Chester’s Harley Davidson in Mesa Arizona.

Elizabeth Johnson’s attorney speaks out on Baby Gabriel case

Elizabeth Johnson’s attorney speaks out on Baby Gabriel case

Marc Victor Live on the Mark Winsor Radio Show Today

Make sure to tune in to the Mark A Winsor Show with co-host Tom Diller of Guaranty Title Agency on Tuesday the 15th at 5:00PM to watch and listen to special return guest Marc J. Victor! We were unable to field the high volume of callers on that last show, so we are bringing him back! Controversial? Our Next President? (yes, somebody called in and said he should be our next President!!)
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I will be on The Mark Winsor Show May 15th at 5:00 pm

We all had a great time when I was on the show before. Here is a link to the last show: