Attorney For Freedom Show: Letter From Birmingham Jail

Letter From Birmingham JailRacism in America- Martin Luther King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail. If you have never read this, it is well worth the time.

Martin Luther King- Letter From Birmingham Jail


Today on the Attorney for Freedom Show we will be talking about Dr. Martin Luther King and reading from his ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail” and discussing the important role that he played in not only civil rights, but rights in general. As I have said before I have always had great respect for Mr. King as a freedom fighter and a man of peace. If you have not had the opportunity to read this letter yourself, it’s well worth the read. You will get great insight into his thinking. He was not only a great thinker, but very articulate as well. We would have liked to have done this show last Monday, but our show airs on Thursday. Listen live today at 1:00 pm MST on KQCK Live Radio: